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We create time for the important things


If you want to take your business to the next level


If you want more time for yourself.

Real support
that you can rely on 

As an entrepreneur with a young start-up or a SME, you actually want to focus primarily to the day-to-day business. You can do that too.

accoswiss takes care of various administrative and accounting tasks for you and provides advice on various issues. Private individuals can also count on our support, be it in the area of pensions, taxes or insurance. Thanks to accoswiss you have more time - for yourself, your business or your family.

"Accoswiss thinks along with us. They advise us extremely competently and the information is provided quickly. The collaboration with accoswiss is of great benefit to us and also very pleasant."


Manuela Koller, BITFEE AG


Digital accounting?
We are bexio partner!

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