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In the beginning there is an idea. And what follows is a lot of work. We support start-ups and SMEs with their foundation, accounting and taxes, so that the entrepreneur can concentrate on their daily business and their customers - as it should be.


Which company form is the right one? What should the company structure and financing look like? When setting up a company, there are a number of questions to answer and a number of things to do. We advise you in an uncomplicated and efficient way - just as your start-up needs it.


Outsource all or part of your accounting to us - for example, the complex annual financial statement. This way you can focus on other areas of your business and trust in reliable, competent accounting.


As auditors, we check your bookkeeping according to legal standards, provide the necessary confirmations for capital increases and are at your side as a partner. So that you, as a managing director, can close your accounts with a clear conscience.


Payroll accounting must be error-free, reliable and, above all, on time. This way, there are no problems with social insurance. You and your employees can count on our competent support.

Tax consultancy

It's not so easy to keep track of everything in the world of taxes. We can. We clarify all your questions, coordinate different taxes and always keep an eye on the possible effects on your company. 

Succession planning

To ensure that the company succession proceeds positively, we plan the procedure together with you. This way, taxes can be reduced and a successful continuation can be ensured.

"We are happy to advise you individually."
What topics are you interested in?

Questions? Just give us a call. 

Roger is happy to help you. 

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