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Joint Future for accoswiss and treuhand ag pfäffikon: Enhanced Expertise and Innovative Solutions for You!

We are pleased to announce that accoswiss ag and treuhand ag pfäffikon are taking a significant step towards a shared future. This strategic alliance lays the foundation for the successful development of both companies and provides our clients with expanded access to expertise and innovative technologies.

accoswiss ag, founded in Zurich in 1987, has been led by Roger Lüssi since 2018. The company has a strong focus on digitization and automation, with a dedicated team using state-of-the-art tools and IT systems to provide optimal customer advice.

treuhand ag pfäffikon, established in 1974, is currently led by Werner Widmer and Claudia Walker. The company brings together an experienced team of specialists with a commitment to assisting clients with extensive trust and consulting experience.

Through the collaboration of accoswiss and treuhand ag pfäffikon, we can address our clients' needs even more professionally and future-oriented. This enables a broader range of services to offer even more professional advice.

Roger Lüssi, owner and CEO of accoswiss, emphasizes: "The merger expands our service portfolio for clients through a larger pool of specialists. The corporate culture of both companies is based on appreciation for our employees and a focus on the needs of our customers. Thus, accoswiss and treuhand ag Pfäffikon complement each other perfectly."

Werner Widmer and Claudia Walker, owners and management of treuhand ag pfäffikon, add: "We are not only advisors but partners with comprehensive expertise in trust services. We work closely with our clients to achieve not only short-term goals but also long-term success. Customer satisfaction is our greatest concern.

The digital expertise of accoswiss will allow us to take a leading role in the field of digital trust services. The collaboration of both companies will significantly and sustainably shape our future."

We are confident that with this merger, we can provide our clients with an even better service in the future.


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